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Your Vehicle will be screened by the Street Scene staff. Once screening is complete, Street Scene will begin to reply with acceptance emails. 

*Street Scene has the right to be selective 




What is VIP?

-Our VIP section is for cars that are true builds, show stoppers, or deserving of being the center of attention. 

When will I receive a reply?

- Once our staff has completed the pre-screening process, you will be notified if you have been accepted, or not. Give us up to two weeks to reply. 


 Is VIP arrival time different?

- VIP, and the regular judged section of the event will be required to arrive 2 hours before the event opens to the public. Acceptance emails will have times of when to arrive, and other needed info. 


What if I have passengers?

-One passenger is including with your registration. Additional passengers will be charged $10.00. 


What if I'm not accepted to VIP?

- You will be automatically added to the judged car show, you just will not have VIP parking on the hilltop. 


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